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Ukrainian journalism

The Free Press Foundation is helping deliver objective reporting on Ukrainian news to the global audiences.
The Free Press Foundation is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization in Ukraine, aimed to deliver quality news about Ukraine and worldwide.

What's the difference between baseball and cricket?

Baseball and cricket are two popular sports from different parts of the world, with different rules and playing fields. Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played by two teams of nine players each, on a diamond-shaped field. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played by two teams of eleven players each, on an oval-shaped field. The main difference between baseball and cricket is the way the ball is pitched; in baseball, the pitcher throws the ball, while in cricket the ball is bowled. Additionally, the length and time of the game varies; baseball is typically around nine innings long, while cricket can last up to five days. Finally, the scoring system of each sport is unique; in baseball, runs are scored when a player reaches home plate, while in cricket runs are scored by hitting the ball and running between the wickets.

Why do only rich people get a good education in America?

The article discusses the unequal access to quality education in the United States, noting that only wealthy people are able to get the best education. It cites the fact that the cost of higher education is increasing, and the public school system is being increasingly underfunded. It also outlines the disparity between the amount of money spent on students from different levels of income, with those from higher-income households receiving more resources. Finally, it notes that the lack of access to quality education is a major contributing factor to the wealth gap in America. In conclusion, the article argues that only wealthy people in the US have access to quality education.
Election Watch

Strengthening Independent Election Coverage

In this project, the Kyiv Post provides objective, impartial information to Ukrainian citizens, key decision makers, and the international community regarding the 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections and post-election developments. The project is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy.

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Investigative Journalism Project

“Dying for Truth”

“Dying for Truth: Journalists’ Safety vs. the Political Environment” is a series of investigative stories looking into investigations of the murders of journalists in Ukraine. The project is led by Veronika Melkozerova, a Ukrainian journalist, and supported by the Justice for Journalists foundation.

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Reporting from the front lines of the only war in Europe

Ukraine has been suffering from the war in its eastern regions since 2014. Accurate and fair reporting from the front lines matters, but it also costs. We have been supporting the Kyiv Post’s journalists who have been reporting from the war front in the Donbas.
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About Us

The “Free Press Foundation” is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization in Ukraine, aimed to deliver quality news about Ukraine and worldwide.

The foundation was established in December 2018 by the Kyiv Post commercial director and deputy chief editor in order to elaborate new channels of delivering quality information and assist in the development of independent media in Ukraine. Within its’ work the Foundation promotes and shares best journalist practices in Ukraine and worldwide, conducts independent investigative projects, carries out monitoring of political and social activities in Ukraine, provides education to media and activists in Ukraine.

Founded by the Kyiv Post team members, the “Free Press Foundation” reaching readers at the Kyiv Post’s digital and print platforms.
The Kyiv Post is the oldest and most respected English-language print and online newspaper in Ukraine.

Since its establishment in 1995, the publication has distinguished itself through independent, ethical, and reliable reporting for both domestic and international audiences.

It played an important role in covering all major events related to Ukraine’s transition, including the 2004 Orange Revolution, 2014 Euromaidan protests, and the annexation of Crimea and ongoing war in the Donbas region.

Many prominent Ukrainian journalists started their careers at the Kyiv Post, and later joined other top Ukrainian and foreign media outlets, including Novoe Vremya, Hromadske, The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times.

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For most people around the world, access to reliable information is far from a matter of course. Free Press Foundation works to ensure that quality news and information about Ukraine are and remain available to people across the globe. There are different types of content here - stories that go online and in print, videos and analytical information.
Alyona Nevmerzhytska,
Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Free Press Foundation, Commercial Director of the Kyiv Post
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The “Free Press Foundation” is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization in Ukraine, aimed to deliver quality news about Ukraine and worldwide.

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